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Decompression Theory and Physiology

Sunday 22nd January 2016 - Dive Style Reading

This one day course covers the basics of decompression theory and physiology. Designed for the average diver it is intended to explain decompression theory from first principles through to the latest thoughts on decompression approaches.

This course is based on years of research into the various decompression models and theories that are available. For the first time this information has been brought together in a consistent easy to understand package. For anyone wanting to understand what happens to our bodies when we dive this is an ideal opportunity to find out about this fascinating area without having to wade through obscure medical research papers.

The course covers;

  • History of decompression

  • Traditional Decompression Theory
    • Tissue Compartments
    • Ongassing and Offgassing
    • M-Values
    • Supersaturation and critical supersaturation
    • Bubble formation

  • Decompression with gases other than air
    • Nitrox
    • Accelerated Decompression
    • Trimix
    • Isobaric Counter Diffusion

  • Alternative Decompression theory
    • Deep stops
    • Gradient Factors
    • Bubble models
    • Bulk Diffusion
    • BSAC-88s
    • Exponential-linear models
    • DCIEM
    • Probabalistic models
half time graph
m-value graph
m-value graph

The course will be held at Dive Style, Reading. Map

Spaces are limited so book your space now. You can book your tickets online for £120

Decompression Theory and Physiology Course £120