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Dive-Tech specialises in nitrox, trimix and rebreather diver training in UK waters.

Whether you are thinking of switching to a rebreather, looking for an advanced trimix course or just want to take advantage of the increased bottom times and increased safety of Nitrox diving then we have the course for you.

We aim to provide the highest level of technical diving training. All courses are run by our resident Technical Instructor Mark Powell. Our standards are high and you know that when you are awarded your certification you can be sure you have earned it.

We teach the full range of TDI courses up to Advanced Trimix Instructor which means that we can choose the best course to suit your needs. Courses include basic nitrox, advanced nitrox, decompression procedures and trimix. We also teach specific technical diving specialties such as twinset famillarisation, advanced buoyancy, DPV, decompression theory, deep rescue, oxygen admin and first aid. We are based in Chepstow but can travel anywhere in the UK to arrange a course to suit your needs.

We are happy to work with diving clubs or shops and run courses at your club/shop if required.

Combined holidays and training courses, expedition organisation as well as custom training can also be arranged

For more information contact

Dive-Tech: Tel: 07770 864327: Email: info@dive-tech.co.uk

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